Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
My brain is frying in my head
I'm grilled half past dead,
My fat feels like it's gonna melt
From this red-hot day I'm dealt.

My throat is dry I can't speak
When I talk it's just a squeak,
Swollen feet have been braised
And sizzling heat has me crazed.

The sweat oozing from every pore
I'm headed for the nearest store,
Craving something ice-cold to eat,
With barely the money for a treat.

I'm hankering for a frozen yummy
That soothes on the way to tummy,
A sweet popsicle to cool me down
Before I puddle up on the ground.

Cherry flavored is the very best,
Favored over berry and the rest,
It's sugary goodness can't be beat
If no cash stash for a better treat.

Sore feet get me to the store door,
Trudging in sun is a sweaty chore
But inside there is a goody for me,
A cherry popsicle frozen as can be.

I picked a cherry-red so fine prime
Then plopped down my last dimes,
I took my treasure out to a shade
To give my hot innards an upgrade.

I raised the red sweetie to my lips
Then my eager shaky hand slips,
My treat splatters on hot ground,
I moan with sweat dripping down.
Cherries for a Cherry Popsicle

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-12-07

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