Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~~ Songbirds ~~

With eyes skyward we gaze
At blooming summer days
Watching songbirds winging,
Listening to pleasing singing.

We savor songs from trees
Floated on evening breeze
As songsters nestle into rest
They trill their sugared best.

At dawning with cocks crow
Fanning out to ready a show
They flash hither and yonder
Warbling birdsongs of wonder.

Busily fluttering all day long
Showering us with sweet song
Bright colored birdies scurry
To build their nest in a hurry.

Fine feathery friends are they
In their display of color array,
Bonnie to behold painted bold
We're dazzled as wings unfold.

Atop mountains to valley floor
They sing little ditties we adore,
Across prairies to oceans roar
Honeyed melodies richly pour.

We're blessed by their grace
They add beauty to our place,
We listen as one wings along
Hoping to be favored by song.

When a sweet song is granted
We are delightfully enchanted,
Their tunes lift our spirits high
Beneath bluing of summer sky.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-03-07

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