Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

THe Gorge at Twin Falls in Glacier

The Gorge

'Tween mountains in the valley
At river's edge they would rally,
Where it flows between foothills
People swam for summer thrills.

Cool blue water and summer sun
Was a come-on for rollicking fun,
To the riverbank they would race
Hoping to nab their favorite place.

The old swimming hole was deep
Where the river slowed to creep
Between high steep granite walls
It pooled beneath two waterfalls.

On sandy shore by boulders galore
Below the twin waterfalls faint roar
Looped a flawless place to laze away
The smothering heat of a sweltry day.

From a gnarly old tree a rope hung
Where only the bravest ever swung,
Over the water they swung to and fro
Before mustering the spunk to let go.

Hollering they dunked into water below
Bobbing like a cork they put on a show,
Egged on by merrymakers on the bank
The brave displayed their every prank.

Bronzed beauties in bikinis were cute
And guys were always in close pursuit
While the married eyed them curiously
Never taking their mischief seriously.

Nighttime was the right time for kids
But the night never hid what they did,
Skinny-dipping in the moonlight clear
Flashed the rears of those little dears.

The Gorge is the name of the pool
For a swimming hole it was a jewel,
Sparkling clear water far from town
Gave relief from hot sun bearing down.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-26-07

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