Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Babysitter by Kenneth J Ellison


On a pleasant summer day
I planned to snooze away
I was summoned by a squall,
Hollering grandpa! Duties call.

I was sent along with the kids
To oversee shenanigans did,
To the lake we went as a horde
And I'm sleepy-eyed and bored.

Kite flying seemed to be in order
When we gathered at the water,
See grandpa they cried with glee,
Do you see grandpa? look at me!

I was referee for red-wagon races
And wiped tears from losers faces,
There was no end to their activity,
I began to question my longevity.

Up to the tree-house boys went
I think to worsen my torment,
Teasing they taunted from up high
Hurling acorns at girls passing by.

There was tag playing and squeals
With the pooch nipping at heels,
I watched in befuddled dismay
The little mischief-makers play.

I spread a patchwork quilt down
And eased achy joints to ground,
I'm weary of the hubbub and flap,
All I want is an undisturbed nap.

As playday ends it was worth it all
But I'll decline next time duty calls,
I am not an old fuddy-duddy quitter
But I'm way too old for a babysitter.

Too Old To Be A Babysitter

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-04-07

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