Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Eden In Summer by Kenneth J Ellison

The summer breeze caresses,
Tenderly stirring tresses,
Intimately tingling my skin,
So soothing the warm wind.

Perched in awe peering down
There is scarcely any sound
But wind whispers in my ear,
Reminding that Eden is here.

Waterfalls gracefully cascade
Creating a cool summer glade,
Blue water pools sparkle below
As diamond filled punch bowls.

As pictures in a fairytale book
Beauty is everywhere I look,
Fragrant flowers are blooming,
Singing songbirds are zooming.

Paradise lies before my eyes
Lush green under golden skies,
Arranged as a beautiful bouquet
Decorated in a splendid array.

Nestled beneath mountains crest
Kissed by gold sky a valley rest,
Where I dwell glimmers for miles
As a brilliant emerald green isle.

Tranquility completely surrounds
Where dazzling beauty abounds,
Spellbound by the marvel of it all,
I stand in grandness made small.

I am so blessed to have this nest,
This valley under mountains crest,
Here I'll stay till my time is done,
In this Eden aglow in summer sun.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-21-07

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