Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Twilight by Kenneth J Ellison


A sizzling summer day fades
Drawing in evening shades
Peppering over hill and dale
Shifting shadows cloaking veil.

The fiery sun sets to west
Over tree flecked hill crest
Painting skies darker hues,
Slowly fading cheerful blues.

Teases of eventide suggest
A nighttime of peaceful rest
As the sultry hot air blends
With cooling soothing winds.

There is easing in twilight,
Puffs of breezes are slight
Gently stirring the muggy air,
Whisking away sunrays flare.

Solace waits in shades of night
In the shadows there is bright,
Glimmers of hope are fulfilled
As the blistering day is chilled.

Slowly the stir of people begin
As the swelter of the day ends,
Into the cool dusk they're drew
As a sunbaked day bids adieu.

There is comfort on the porch
After a summer day scorch,
The cool breeze a pure delight,
Gifted by the pleasant twilight.

Twilight Star of Gold

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-18-07

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