Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Home is a glen deep and wide
Rounded by mountain sides,
The lofty sentinels overlook
Forested slopes and cozy nook.

From woody glen autumn is gone
And I wait for winters spawn,
Soon the season will lay down
Grays from sky to soggy ground.

I'm roosted in expecting them,
At the mercy of winter's whim,
They will come quickly I know
With sea winds that coldly blow.

Gray days will descend to linger
Unfolding their ashen fingers,
Creeping over the countryside,
Spreading gloom far and wide.

Into my valley they will descend
Smothering with a grayish blend
Concealing everything from sight
Within a gown of clouded white.

The snow-capped mountain peaks
Will be the only ones to get a peek
At the world outside my glen of gray
When the dense days settle to stay.

As the sea winds blow the pale in
Clouds will settle low in my glen,
For months I'll see nothing at all
When those days of gray fall.

Held in the wet embrace of a cloud
Shades of gray will be my shroud
Until spring breezes from the sea
Push away the gray to uncover me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-20-07

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