Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~*~The Last Wintering~*~

The scenery is held in frozen embrace,
Greenery has vanished with no trace,
Midwinter has coated the countryside
In burnt browns and shiny white outside.

Sheets of ice veil the ground around
Beneath a quilt of snow spread down,
The cold kiss of a winter dawn breaks
While inside she stretches and wakes.

The aged house is colder in than out,
She shivers as she lightly stirs about,
Laying kindling on the dying embers
She stokes the coals then remembers.

This is the last winter on the farmstead
And dreads fill her white-haired head,
Soon she'd leave her treasured home
And the hardship of living alone.

She sits in the fires warmth and rocks
As the grandfather clock tick-tocks
Recalling all the cheerful winters past
But this sad season will be the last.

I wonder how it will be she ask out loud
As if speaking to a gathered crowd,
How will it be living with my son in town?
Her quick smile turns to a worried frown.

The farm is sold to no one she knows,
She stands staring at new fallen snows,
They will arrive within the coming year,
And her life of happiness will end here.

She gazes out the window's frosty glass,
A lifetime of memories play slowly past,
Closing her eyes she drifts to back when,
Outside the humming wind songs begin.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-01-07

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