Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

From some far celestial shore
Spring has returned once more,
Giving sunshine and blue skies
As spring opens her green eyes.

Sunbeams dance over the fields
As winter stubbornly yields,
Over budding forested meadows
Brightness clears gray shadows.

Wildflowers scattering the plains
Enriched by winter rains,
Paint brilliant colors to be seen
Within the fields of green.

Once fields of browns and gold
Are speckled with colors bold,
Throughout lush greening grass
Colorful blooms openly sass.

Yellow daffodils rise in warm sun
Opening cheery buds one by one
As they lend beauty far and wide
Brightly splashing the countryside.

Where the rambling river rushes
Between huckleberry bushes
Thrushes are building their nest,
Fussing nosily at robin redbreast.

Wild canaries in treetops gather,
Chirping in the sunny weather
As happy cows in the meadow bawl
Answering the crows pesky caw.

Frogs croak and the crocus grows
And dawn sunrise fairly glows,
Late sunset fires up the violet sky
As first signals of spring slip by.

The enchanted season has arrived
Winter's hardships survived,
Welcome spring, oh glorious days,
You bring pleasure in so many ways.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-23-08

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