Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

With a shiver I am aware
Of coolness in the air,
Odd how time has flown,
Stranger yet that I'm alone.

Leaves crunch under my feet
I hear my heartbeat,
Memories again start,
Awakened by my lonely heart.

Strolling in autumns array
Through beauty on display,
I'm scarcely impressed at all
By the subtle charming of fall.

Within it's solitude I am small
One leaf in a forest tall,
One leaf swirling in the breeze
Lost among the tall trees.

Drifting in thought as I stroll
I consider what time stole,
As the season slowly changed
So too time has rearranged.

Beneath the pale of autumn sky
I am alone wondering why,
Standing in solitude I despair,
Spellbound I tearfully stare.

Settling to the dewy ground
As brittle leaves I'm bound,
Caught in solitudes embrace,
Marooned in this lonely place.

I wonder where you are today
And if it's very far away,
You should be here with me
Underneath the shedding trees.
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-04-07

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