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Just Blue by Kenneth J Ellison

It'll soon be over I sadly know
Autumn will end it's color show
And as it ends it's grand display
Winter's drab gray is on it's way.

I'm blue to see burnt browns
And dewy gold's drifting down,
Autumns last waltzing leaves
Are dancing wildly in the breeze.

The colors of Autumn are bold
With orange, browns and gold
But not as bright as I am blue
To know fall is mostly through.

Underfoot is leafy groundcover
The chilling air says it's over,
My favorite time of the year
Is poised to quickly disappear.

The geese chattering overhead
Instills a tinge of dark dread,
What will I do when fall's through
And I'm in winter gray all blue.

Autumn is a season of reflection,
To give thoughts new direction,
A time to look forward and behind
And arrange fresh plans in mind.

Autumn is such a splendid season
It gives life harmonious reason,
Between simmering summers fire
And blustery winters freezing ire.

Crisp clear nights under the stars
Will soon give way to the bizarre,
As autumn sheds it's pretty hues
I'll be left to bear winter's blues.

Just Blue Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-03-07

Song title: "Albert Blues"

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