Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Autumn Leaves

I watch leaves swirl lazily down,
Drifters settle softly to ground,
Enchanted my daydream recalls
Those old times of beautiful falls.

Thoughts go back to remember
Sublime times after September
When living was rather mellow
And I was a yearling of a fellow.

The old farm sat inland from a cove
Embraced by a sugar maple grove,
Beside a gurgling rushing millrace
Sat my bewitching childhood place.

Autumn, oh autumn where have you flown,
Where is the beauty now I'm grown?
Where is the splendor that hypnotized,
Where is happiness once realized?

I've pined long for home in the trees
I miss terribly the falling of the leaves,
My most treasured season of all is fall,
When I think of home, it's what I recall.

I miss the crisp of a morning in October
As breezes purr and rustling leaves stir
They sailed like kites over maple crowns
Dyed bright in orange, golds and browns.

It was a magical place by the old millrace
When autumn showed her brilliant face,
And I romped wildly in my fairytale land
Rolling in the beauty of leaves so grand.

Once I was a handsome brave knight
Riding my stick-horse in a land of delight
And every time I watch the falling leaves
I daydream of home in the maple trees.

Autunm Leaves by Becca

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-22-08

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