Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Far into the woods I stood
Feeling refreshingly good,
Crisp air tingling my skin,
It's an autumn mood I'm in.

The colorful crunchy leaves
Fallen from sleeping trees
Paints a sea on woodland floor
Of fall colors shore to shore.

From the corner of my eye
I spy something dart by,
Lots tinier than Peter Pan,
Behind a tree stump it ran.

I hear a soft rippling giggle
And catch sight of a wiggle,
Then came a faint tee-hee
And it dashed up to me.

Such a tiny beauty to see
Coming barely to a knee,
There with big blinking eyes
Was a pixie to my surprise.

She timidly studied my face
Then zoomed everyplace,
I watched amazed from below
Her brilliant circus show.

A loop-the-loop in air she drew
And between trees flew,
She zipped by with an impish grin
Then magically vanished again.

I stood spellbound in my tracks
Waiting for her to come back
But she never returned to me,
Where she went is a mystery.

I'll not say what I saw this fall
Everyone would just hee-haw,
They'd never believe me I bet
But I dream of that cutie yet.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-01-07

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