Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Far into the darkest corners
Is encamped a curious loner,
Thriving where few have gone,
She wanders the swamp alone.

In a place no one ever sees
Where moss droops off trees
Beyond the woods of cypress
Roams the witching empress.

Blue of eye and dark of skin
She rules the swamp within,
With hair black as raven wings
She bewitches beastly things.

She has hexes that will control
Savage creatures with no soul,
Out of Hades she conjures them
To cause wickedness on a whim.

Over the swamp is a dead-hush
Except the winds howling rush,
This is the pinnacle of her power
As she awaits the witching hour.

As a murderers moon sets on high
She shrieks a hellish banshee cry
And into a boiling cauldrons brew
Vile things of the dead she threw.

Wispy fingers of fog evilly creep
As she wakes demons from sleep,
Monsters no human can conceive
Rise from pits of Hell on this eve.

They will wreak havoc far and wide
Over a panic-stricken countryside
Disgorging horror at her command
As she cast spells over swampland.

As Halloween encircles boggy moors
Remain hidden behind locked doors
Lest her evildoers come to visit you
Before this witches night is through.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-21-07

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