Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Autumn Evening Girl in Woods

Days of autumn are drawing to a close
And I am withered as a summer rose,
One by one my supple petals have dried
Though moistened with tears I've cried.

My emotions as petals were torn apart
And I am withering with a broken heart,
The leafless trees are barren like me,
I am empty where my heart used to be.

Autumn is leaving but I am already gone
Drifting through tattered dreams alone,
Seeking pieces to understand the reason
I am forsaken to bear this forlorn season.

As the dusk of an autumn evening enfolds
I sit motionless before smoldering coals,
Soon dying embers will fade to jet-black
And worn-out memories will be back.

Thoughts return to the happiness of spring
But no joy does frayed memories bring,
Recalling always ends the same dark way,
I am alone in slow-motion withering away.

The chill of autumn fills the darkening room
I must go join my new companions soon,
They adore the flickering candlelight,
I will light a fragrant one this stormy night.

I've made friends with the shadows on my wall,
I so look forward to their nightly call,
They dance as I watch the pretty candle burn,
They mockingly laugh as I tearfully yearn.

As many as dewdrops on the withering rose
Desires of the heart unanswered grows,
Emptiness today that will return tomorrow,
Autumn evening fills my heart with sorrow.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-05-08

Song title: "Early Autumn"

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