Honkers by Kenneth J Ellison

golden honkersgolden honkersgolden honkers

I wait with great anticipation
For the first lofty formation,
Eagerly I scan for noisy fliers
Plumed in princely attires.

I watch early morning skies
Sighing with wishful eyes,
I stand ready till nights close
Expecting to see sky shows.

They will come soon to my glen
And great slews will settle in,
They'll rest near here a night
Before resuming their flight.

Honkers will show then soon go
Eluding the harsh winter snow,
At break of day they'll wing away
Dotting the sky with a deluxe array.

Like beacons in the sky they fly
Warning that foul weather is nigh,
Loudly clattering with wings humming
They cry out to all winter's coming.

There's a jumbo formation of a vee
As far as my old eyes can see,
From the northern horizon they come,
Southbound for the land of sun.

A crisp day draws to an end in my glen
And with sunset I watch them glide in,
Scattered over the fields as fluffy balls
They hush their honking as night falls.

I will be ready at the crack of dawn
With my pirate's spyglass drawn,
I'll watch beauties vanish from sight
Leaving me in a land snowy white.

If I were a goose footloose and free
You'd only see the tail feathers of me
As I winged away following the sun
Before the harsh winter has begun.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-19-08

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