Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Venture into the darkness if you dare
But evil menaces are waiting there,
Go forth if you are so foolishly brave,
If it's your certain grave you crave.

Savages of the dark fill it with dread,
This hated night of the living dead,
Zombies trudge neath a silvery moon
Their chanting moans an eerie croon.

Hideous vicious monsters lie in wait,
If you go out illest will be your fate,
Listen to their blood curdling screams
As they set in motion sinister schemes.

Hobgoblins guard the forested trails
And brutish beast with forked tails,
There is no safe passage on any street,
Only extreme evildoers wait to greet.

You cannot go left nor veer right tonight
The dark is cover for creatures of fright,
Once out there is no safe place to hide
The smell of your fear will be their guide.

Cast your gaze to my calendar on the wall
Allhallows Eve has swaggered in to call,
This night the dead walks amid the living
And it's murderous mayhem their giving.

Witches and warlocks reign over Halloween
From boneyard to moon they rule in-between,
The demons of darkness are at their control
And they have ways to snatch a foolish soul.

Check the locks and pull the curtains tight
Don't venture among the shadows tonight,
Only your doom waits to ambush out there,
Hellions and crazed demons are everywhere.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-06-08

Song title: "Dismay"

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