Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Winter is into a foul weather routine
It's the worst season I've ever seen,
If the world is warming as they say
Why am I shivering the time away.

I cannot gravely think on the matter,
I can't ponder while my teeth chatter,
This drafty old house is like an icebox
With walls as thin as my worn-out socks.

I put another log in the ancient fireplace
And the heat swooshes up to outer space,
All this hearth heats is the chimney flue
And the broken bricks for a foot or two.

I warm one side at a time as I ponder
Over the icy wonderland out yonder,
Brainiacs that say the world is warming
Should be here where it's ice storming.

The countryside is nearly a whiteout
It would be foolish to venture about,
It's cold in here but freezing out there,
Best to nestle in my moth-eaten chair.

My old pooch lies at my feet snoring
And our life could not be more boring,
I'm bound in this clapboard drafty jail
As my skin turns a whiter shade of pale.

I see my dog twitch from a nightmare
And wonder what's going on in there,
Maybe he's dreaming of a place warm,
In a land of sun where it doesn't storm.

The freezing wind whistles and moans
And this cobwebby old house groans,
Something dreadful is going on outside
As my dumb woofing dog runs to hide.

I'm mired deep down in winter blahs,
Could I feel more downhearted? Nah!
I guess me and the pooch will hibernate
And wait for the warming Earth to rotate.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-11-08

Song title: "Cruel Back Bite 'in Blues"

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