Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Old man winter crept in like a thief
Just to deposit a sample of grief,
I never expected this foul display,
Winter has stolen my happy away.

With hardly any fall at all it crept in
And I wasn't ready for it to begin,
Early winter brought a gift this year
That no one living has seen here.

Fast freezing rain crusted everything
Just to preview the misery it'd bring,
The storm transformed to my surprise
Into a blustering snowstorm of epic size.

It snowed for a fortnight without a pause
Then old man winter clinched icy jaws
And lay a thick quilt of ice over the snow
Just to add layers to my woes I know.

My rinky-dink telephone has no dial tone
And goodies in the pantry are long gone,
I may starve before the snow melts away
And all they'll find is my bones someday.

I was watching a sudser and power died,
Soap operas were keeping me occupied,
Now all I can hear is my teeth clicking
And all I can watch is the clock ticking.

I don't know how long I can endure this,
Comfort food and warmth I dearly miss,
I'm out of leftover cornbread from a pan
And freezing to death was never a plan.

There is only one thing left to do I guess
As I wait to be saved from winter's mess,
I'm gonna eat some cold beans from a can
Then lying dormant in bed is my plan.

I won't get up till they turn on the juice
And old man winter's declared a truce,
Quilts are piled high on my feather bed,
Under them I'll lay till rescued are dead.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-23-08

Song title: "Linnen Hall"

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