Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Considering the grandeur I feel so small
As daylight ebbs away from nightfall,
Ice flows ending at the mountains slope
Fired up by sunset are brilliant in scope.

The vastness lies before mystified eyes
At rest caressed by darkening skies,
Seeming a dreaming of a fairytale story
Of a frozen wilderness of fabled glory.

Offhand the wonderland appears forlorn
It's beaming beauty delivered but scorn,
Thought only a wasteland one should flee,
It's almost but not entirely like me.

Misunderstood from ice fields to wood
None measure it's pleasure but should,
There is splendor as far the eye can see,
It's almost but not entirely like me.

Profoundly I ponder behind frosted panes
Seeing shimmering sheets of frozen rains,
Why do so few treasure winter I wonder,
It's kind of like me as I rock too ponder.

Lazily I rise to gaze longingly out windows
To see the sunset cast playing shadows,
Across diamond dusted fields they sashay,
A dramatic ending to a delightful day.

I turn from the delight to ready for the night
Making sure new logs on the fire are alight
And for a moment before I turn off the light
I stretch to full height and listen to the quiet.

Snuggled in bed on the brink of sleep I think of home
And the time I've been at this weather-station alone,
Hugging my pillow I recall a weeping willow tree,
It was somewhat but not a lot like me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-08-09

Song title: "Island Of Mystery"

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