Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

It was kind of beautiful for awhile
But then so was my easy smile
That got lost a month or so back
Under this ceaseless ice attack.

I hoped this storm would soon fade
But desires are denied I'm afraid,
The storm in sadness is still around,
Crying tears of ice over the ground.

I too would weep if I thought it of use,
I'm weary of mother-nature's abuse,
Each time it appears skies may clear
Mother-nature cries more iced tears.

The ice won't go away it's here to stay,
In my troubled mind it seems that way
As I pace the floor in layers of clothes
Glancing out at the pale world so froze.

Sheets of crystal glisten over the yard,
Barely keeping warm is beyond hard,
Every night frozen rain adds new layers
With more coming so report the sayer's.

Bitter nights pass fast and days go slow
The freeze won't ease for awhile know
How long I'll be housebound is a guess,
No one can get in or out of this mess.

Like kin who come for a visit and stay
This unwelcome storm won't go away,
As my withering tolerance slowly melts
A torrent of freezing rain merrily pelts.

The electricity was blown out days ago,
When my body will thaw I do not know,
I am hungry and there is nothing to eat
But cold unsweetened cream-of-wheat.

I will not be helped by any rescue crew
Because the rescuers need rescuing too,
We're all marooned on this ocean of ice,
A mad mother-nature is not playing nice.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-06-09

Song title: "Only The Young"

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