Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Spring Rise by Kenneth Ellison

~*~Spring Rise~*~

The harsh winter has been just frightful
But weather is coming that's delightful,
If you can endure for a few more weeks
Nature will allow some spring peeks.

Storms have rampaged coast to coast
And we can debate who suffered most
But on this we wholeheartedly agree,
Winter has been on a wild arctic spree.

But if you listen you can almost hear
The drumbeats of spring drawing near,
As you march into March be ever alert
For spring is beginning it's teasing flirt.

Soon dainty daffodils you'll see sprouting,
Springs notice to stop stressful doubting,
Spring is coming to grant your heart ease
With all the splendid offerings that please.

Just look close with a wee sweet dream
And see the splendor of nature's scheme,
All over the beauty is beginning to shine
As winter's frosty winds cease their whine.

Very soon robin redbreast will come hopping,
Sleepy trees will show a green leafy topping
And humanity will emerge outside too cheer
When wayward spring at last arrives here.

In time wildflowers scattered over the plains
Will be awakened with gentle spring rains,
Over hill and dale their cheery colors will bloom
And pretty songbirds will sing away your gloom.

Bright butterflies will flutter in bright sunlight
As your winter world becomes a beautiful sight,
Those cutie beauties have missed you it's true
And will fly by when the gray skies turn blue.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-19-09

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