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Winter Sun by Kenneth J Ellison

Winter Sun's Divide

A curious thing happened today
As I sang and whistled time away,
While I eyeballed the sky it split
And the lost sun shone from it.

In wet grass by a flooded brook
I drank in a long zestful look
At the sun I thought lost forever,
Into the abyss of winter weather.

No bright at all was expected
Though the dull gray rejected,
I weary of days that seem night
So the shiner was a desired delight.

There I hunched in wonder below
Dreading the next winter snow
And there it was in the sky so shy
Winking sunrays in my squinty eye.

As I waited for the farmer's daughter
Nigh the brook's rushing water,
I took pleasure in it's warming beam
As her candy kisses by the stream.

I near forgot she was coming here
As I watched the skies briefly clear,
Like a teetering toddler with a toy
The sun brimmed my heart with joy.

I have yearned for that yellow ball
That I have not enjoyed since fall,
In early autumn it just faded away
And vanished somewhere until today.

I shiver 'tween brook and lifeless tree
Waiting for shafts of light to warm me
But I am getting colder as I wait for it
'Cause angry clouds have shut the split.

Hopefully I watch the skies and yearn
Silently begging for the sun to return
But it'll not come warm me by the water
Nor will the farmer's lost daughter.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-24-09

Song title: "The Rich Lady Over The Sea"

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