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Keeping Up by Kenneth J Ellison

Keeping Up Divide

Winter has waned away too disappear
And the sun has found us defrosting here,
A harsh shivery winter is gone at last
And milder sunny days are coming fast.

Days were long until the grays were gone
And I watched stormy skies but not alone,
As I checked off time waiting for sunshine
So did that prize winning neighbor of mine.

Yearly there is a cliffhanger contest to see
Who the green-thumb gardener will be
And Mr. Jones next door wins every year
Taking grand prize with a snooty cheer.

The village judges vigilantly make rounds
Checking contestants garden and grounds
Seeing who from sunny spring to chilly fall
Will present the most beautiful yard of all.

Jones next door spends hours galore working
And peering over the hedgerow smirking,
The yard is gorgeous around his big house
And he toys with me like a cat with a mouse.

Teasingly he never fails to give me a ribbing
About how each year he wins the blue ribbon,
Forever bragging of winning the grand prize
With that impish twinkle in his beady eyes.

But I'm gonna have some glorious spring flings
Planting flowers and other bright bonnie things,
I'll be in a dither rushing hither and yon
Tending the splendor until that ribbon is won.

I solemnly vow this year the blue ribbon is mine
From spring to autumn my grounds will outshine,
His yard will be second best in the beauty contest,
Mine in glory will be more beautiful than the rest.

This time next year I'll pin that ribbon to my chest
And tease Jones about who's green thumb is best,
Keeping up with the Jones's is an unending chore
But this year I'll win, but then who's keeping score?

Keeping Up Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-05-09

Song title: "Arc En Ciel"

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