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Lazybones by Kenneth J Ellison


Spring settled as a colored reminder
Of my dismal disposition once kinder,
This season finds me a crabby grump
And I'll spend it relaxing on my rump.

Say hey! My plan is to be a layabout
And if you drop-in you will find out,
You'll find me sipping icy lemon-aid,
Loafing in the weeping willow shade.

It'll be a task to see me under the tree
'Cause the lawn is now higher than me,
I don't have the get-up-and-go to mow
So I'll just lie here and watch it grow.

I'm retired I think, I can't remember!
I've been this way since September,
I'm stuck in a rut of dog-tired lazy
And the nag keeps yelling upsy-daisy!

The wife can pester and you could plead
But unsupervised rest is rightly all I need,
Just wake me up for my chocolate dinner,
That gooey three layer blue-ribbon winner.

I have developed a fuddy-duddy attitude,
I can be rude when bothered or pursued,
My ears can't hear a thing with work in it
So leave me alone and let me snooze a bit.

Living for me has become noticeably hard
And I don't give two hoots about our yard,
Dandelions are pretty if you let them grow
By summer their number will be a grand show.

This spring there will be no veggie garden tilled
No seeds will be sown or pesky insects killed,
You won't see me on the wrong end of a spade
But you can observe me loafing in the shade.

I'm not going to buy and tend smelly flowers
My only schedule is to while away the hours,
Let hummingbirds hum and butterflies flutter,
Let the overgrown yard be a jumbo clutter.

The neighbors squawk and wag fingers at me
They try to pry me from under my tree
But here is where I'll be until the rain drums,
I'll be lazing here when wet autumn comes.

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©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-08-09

Song title: "Clogs"

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