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Springing by Kenneth J Ellison

Springing Divide

Spring has sprung and I'm not joking
I've heard green frogs croaking,
I heard a red songbird singing merrily
And saw yellow sunrays dance cheerily.

I watched milk-white clouds on high
Lingering lazily in an aqua blue sky
And purple crocus buds are blooming
Where orange butterflies go zooming.

I greeted a ruby-breasted hummingbird
But the wee cutie never chirped a word,
It flitted away in a blink quick as a wink
To some delicate flowers of blush pink.

As my cheery brown eyes look around
I see signs of spring in beauty abound,
And a treasured time of year is spring
When I became a joy filled ding-a-ling.

My disposition turns rosy when roses bloom,
I hum a zippy tune when hummingbirds zoom,
The sunny days put a sunny smile on my mug
And it doesn't bug me to visit a ladybug.

I'm daffy over daffodils waving at the sky,
I get buttery over butterflies fluttering by,
I feel chipper when I hear a chirper's song
And nosy as a cat when caterpillars inch along.

My blue mood disappears as bluebirds appear
And I hold life dear when I spot a fawn deer,
I skylark like a kid when I hear a singing lark,
I just sparkle like a sparkler fizzing in the dark.

Each spring I feel shiny new as the land is renewed
When gloomy day's are gone and skies have blued,
I burst out with glee when sweet spring has burst
And winter's fled away after bestowing it's worst.

Springing Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-05-09

Song title: "The Ghost Lover"

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