Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I went out for a walkabout
Late in a summer drought
For cooling in a woodsy nook
Down by a gurgling brook.

Resting under the trees
In the shade of leaves
Someone caught my eye
Down by the stream nigh.

It was a fair young lady
And from my spot shady
I stared at her sweet face
From my hidden place.

I watched her lying there
So completely unaware,
I could not help but stare
At the girl just lying there.

Upon a boulder she lay
This sultry summer day
And I truly wondered why
The missy would just lie.

To her the reason is known
She is alone upon the stone
Adrift in dreams of summer
Calmed by the falls murmur.

I would guess she lies at rest
Perhaps on a princess quest,
Dreaming an afternoon away
Wherever her thoughts stray.

A soaring eagle loudly calls
Over the rush of waterfalls
Calling the bronzed girl below
Lying in the sunlight glow.

I too thought to call out to her
Lying easy without a stir,
That little princess by the stream
But I couldn't disturb her dream.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-26-09

Song title: "Irish Emigrant"

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