Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

If I had to choose a favorite season
And render you one honest reason
I would choose springtime over any
But honestly the reasons are many.

I am not a poet renowned for rhyme
So how do I explain the springtime?
I think it is most difficult to explore
The complex reasons why I adore.

I cannot say or write in flowery verse,
My reasons are marvelous but diverse,
There is too much awe to explain it all
More reasons than I could ever recall.

When spring is lush with new greenery
And flushes over land it's grand scenery
It's splendid display is a delightful sight
And has a mysterious glory in sunlight.

I cannot define why I find ease in a breeze
Scented by flowers rustling leaves on trees
Or why walking a meadow of wildflowers
For a sunlit hour has enchanting powers.

Colorful birds fill the air with happy singing
I enjoy their tune as they dart gayly winging,
I am charmed by the chirping of baby birds
I would welcome them if I knew their words.

We can talk resting in this garden of roses
Where the brilliant blossoms in grace poses
But I think I can't say why it's spring I savor
Or offer just one good reason I highly favor.

Look at the bright butterflies fluttering by
So delighting the eye under a pale blue sky,
Listen to the hum of humming birds winging
Their vivid colors gleam in sunrays beaming.

As we fondly embrace in this place of rest
I'll whisper in your ear why spring is best,
The reasons are as many as sparks in dew
But spring my love is the season I met you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-22-09

Song title: "Rancho"

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