Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Summer dreams drift easily to me
Ever changing as tides of the sea
Rushing in only to run away it seems,
There are so many needed dreams.

In the warmness of a summer night
Fantasies of the heart take flight,
Dreams seem real in the moon glow
Wishful thinking makes it so.

Dreams dwell beyond the last star
My heart flies me where they are,
In thought I choose one just for me
Before I release it to the sea.

They never linger in a dreamy mind
There is ever a more novel kind,
Each one is finer than the one before
I hurry through for there is more.

When I close my eyes to starry skies
And listen as the sea softly sighs
Each wave swell seems to murmur
Wonderful dreams of summer.

I need dreams that summer brings
Not those of drab winter things,
Spring is soaked from clouds crying
And fall dreams see beauty dying.

A balmy starlit night is for dreaming
Where moonbeams are gleaming
Sparkling on the sea swells as gems,
Dreams are ignited by them.

Where sunset fires the horizon aglow
I will be waiting for the starlight show,
Where the summer moon kisses the sea
I'll be waiting for a dream to take me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-25-09

Song title: "Heart Dance"

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