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Closing Summer by Kenneth J Ellison

Closing Summer

Summer's furnace is cooling
Kids are back at schooling
Winds are blowing stronger
Nippy nights are longer.

Summer chores are all done
Except for one and that one,
Home has never looked better
As we enter sweater weather.

Leaves are turning orangish
Fall colors are set to astonish,
Over hill and dale will spread
Jumbles of color gold and red.

Butterflies have disappeared I fear
I see no beauties fluttering here,
Southerly hummingbirds have flew
Flashing to where blooms are new.

Summer is slowly winding down
Meadows once green are brown,
Brilliant wildflowers can't be seen
In the fields once so plushy green.

The cold will come and lips will chap
As trees nod off for their yearly nap,
Roses of summer are withering away
Beneath increasing clouds of gray.

Jack-o'-lantern will soon come calling
After lingering leaves finish falling,
Halloween spooks will fly hill and hollow
And happy holidays will quickly follow.

Soon we'll awake to autumn's drizzle
As the last few days of summer fizzle
But it's all very well because we know
Autumn will deliver us a rousing show.

Closing Summer

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-06-09

Song title: "Police Dog Blues"

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