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Feeling Fall by Kenneth J Ellison

Feeling Fall in the Fields

A peachy summer has flashed by
Chilled days and nights are nigh,
Autumn has shown it's fresh face,
Scenery is changing everyplace.

Not much to do but go to school
And church on Sunday as a rule,
It's dark out by the time we dine
Then off to bed at half past nine.

On Saturday I catch up on chores
Then Monday's homework bores,
I am a prisoner of rainy weather,
I wish summers lasted forever.

No more skinny-dipping in the creek
Or thru woods playing hide-and-seek,
Soon gullywashers will keep me inside
And for ho-hum months I must abide.

No more fireflies in a glittery swarm
And I can't fly a kite in a windstorm,
Soon no unruly games out in the yard,
Playing marbles in the mud is hard.

I miss the serenade of bullfrogs at night
from the windmill pond lit by moonlight,
I can't hear crooning crickets now,
I fall asleep listening to the wind howl.

The green meadows smelled of sweet clover
When I was given my puppy named Rover,
We roamed every valley and mountain peak
And swam hot days in the cool creek.

Our adventures all summer were splendid
And we're sad the escapades have ended,
Me and Rover know summer's over and gone
And on icy nights new mates don't sleep alone.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-19-09

Song title: "Police Dog Blues"

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