Last Outing by Kenneth J Ellison

Last Outing Green Leaf Divide

They insisted I travel with them
Into the backwoods on a whim,
A woodsy outing is fun they vowed,
You'll enjoy a picnic they allowed.

Every fiber of my being cried no!
But to shut them up I said I'd go,
With a passion I hate the boonies
And think my friends are looneys.

Away we went into the humid heat
To their notion of a grand retreat,
Sticky moist at long last we arrived
Where only vermin have survived.

The fiery summer sun I ever dread
Was slowly searing me to blush redseesee
And as we laid an icky blanket down
I eyed creepy-crawly things around.

I'm exactly where I don't want to be
The countryside is no place for me,
I am a citified lady of lofty renown,
The nearest I want to rural is town.

With fanfare they laid out the fare,
They spread suspect goodies there
And it took most an hour to devour
By the vermin as I sat with a glower.

I was slapping from itchy head to toe
Biting bugs where they shouldn't go
And to ensure that I would not survive
Mad bees arrived from a lively hive.

I fled leaving just dust in my wake
And high jumped a surprised snake
I did not slow a bit to chit-chat with it
Cause it wanted to bite me where I sit.

Two cars where brought and I took one
I've haseeseed enough summer fun in the sun
And as I sped away to my beloved city
I thought of them behind with little pity.

Last Outing Green Leaf Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-24-09

Song title: "See See The Cat"

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