Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There is heartsease amidst the peaks,
The murmur of serenity softly speaks,
From snow-capped crest to vale floor
There is only peace and nothing more.

The soothing sound of silence embraces
A serene scene of snowbound spaces,
Tribulations of the outside world cease,
In the beauty of the vale is only peace.

This winter wonderland in grace lies
Where olympian mountain peaks rise,
Like eyes in the skies they watch over
A quaint vale with a snow-clad cover.

The soft fall of snow over lofty scenery
Allow pines to display bits of greenery,
Random pale patches of pastel shades
Cascade through the boughs then fade.

Spreading over the bleached white vale
Afternoon sunbeams highlight the pale
As drifting clouds open glazed windows
Soft sunrays lay shape shifting shadows.

In grandeur against the mountains rise
A rambling vale of brilliant beauty lies,
A virgin land untouched by mere mortal,
A glimpse of Eden thru the souls portal.

This beautiful vale spreads somewhere,
We've never been but know it's there,
A hushed place that delivers a heart ease,
That place in dreams that each of us sees.

We flee sometimes when hard-times flow
Escaping into dreams where only we can go,
We embrace serenity anywhere time is stilled
And the need for peace of mind is gently filled.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-24-10

Song title: "Afterglow"

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