Autumn Mist by Kenneth J Ellison

Autumn Mist Divide

Autumn's misty morning this dawn
Reminds me that summer is gone,
I yawn thinking how quickly it seems
As my teakettle wildly screams.

It arrived and went in barely a blink
I think as I sip a bit of spicy drink,
Warm balmy days and starry nights
Took flight leaving fall delights.

I will miss sunsets in the porch swing
And other small joys summer brings,
Autumn is grand with colors and things
But not so grand as the springs.

I wonder if it's just old age creeping up
As I sip tasty tea from a chipped cup,
The reason for seasons passing so fast
Is perhaps me getting old at last.

The older I become the quicker they flee
Seeming but a flicker lingering with me
And now another bright summer has faded
Leaving me in views misty and shaded.

Before the window watching the light rain
Draw odd patterns on the window pane
I consider the splendor of autumn in mist
By natures colors so passionately kissed.

Leaves from the trees are beauties to see
As autumn lays it's patchwork for me,
I marvel at the colors softened by the rain
And wish for summer roses in vain.

I swallow the last of my tea with a gulp
Then throw away the old chipped cup
And with a last look out at the eerie mist
I sit to begin my Christmas list.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-27-09

Song title: "Gentle"

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