Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Spring is only a flash of glory,
Summer is a shorter story
And autumn lingers not at all
Before winter comes to call.

Alpine wildflowers briefly bloom
Where hummingbirds never zoom
And fall colors are fleet on leaves
Grayed by winter's long freeze.

A snow-capped mountain range
Rings a picture rather strange,
In the serene valley just below
Sits a solitary cabin in the snow.

Between lofty mountain tops
Where snowfall seldom stops
Lies a snow-white wonderland
And a life thoughtfully planned.

A small one room cabin is home
Where happiness is being alone,
Peace was discovered in the wild
By a roamer who never smiled.

Firelight through frosted windows
Cast fluttering yellow shadows,
The pale silhouettes merrily sway
Over the snow each wintry day.

Nights around the cabin howl
Hungry wolves on the prowl
Crooning with the moaning winds
Where the frozen river bends.

Winter's are most of the year here
Where the wolves hound the deer
And where a cabin dots the snow
With it's windows all aglow.

All the creatures yearn for spring
But it's splendor is a fleeting thing,
Winter always returns too soon
As sure as stars encircle the moon.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-26-09

Song title: "Sadre"

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