Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Windy March ended with a wheezy sigh
Then April rain brought gray sky
And as I ponder this bad luck of mine,
I whine about the lack of sunshine.

The cheery days will not come I reckon
Though nodding daffodils beckon,
It's spring says the calendar on the wall
But it may as well be rainy fall.

As I listen to the thunder roll about
I mull over why my luck's run out,
I feel like a chump deep in the dumps
And life keeps dishing out lumps.

I have no moolah and charges are due
And I long for the sky to turn blue
But like that luckless old sun hidden away
Sunrays and desires have gone astray.

To the mailbox I trudged the muddy lane
Hoping to avoid the oncoming rain
Then I spied a ladybug on a blade of grass
And I picked it up rather than pass.

I placed the cutie on the back of my wrist
And felt a thrill as it flew into the mist,
Suddenly above appeared patches of blue
And sunbeams came bursting through.

As I watched amazed I heard birds singing
And saw a yellow butterfly winging
The sweet scent of springtime filled the air,
There was beauty flowering everywhere.

I walked in warm sunshine wholly awestruck
Wondering if ladybugs brought good luck,
Were the lucky ladybug myths after all true?
I wondered as the mailbox came into view.

Whistling a ditty I opened the rusty box
And welcomed waves of thrilling shocks,
The letter stated I'd won a million dollars,
I'd bet countywide they heard my hollers.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-19-10

Song title: "Kitty Coleraine"

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