Signs Of Spring by Kenneth J. Ellison
Aigns of Spring Divide

I went out in my moth-eaten sweater
Down the deer trail to mail a letter
Humming a merry little ditty as I strode
To my mailbox beside the rural road.

A delicate rainbow gracefully bowed,
Arching the snowy crest it showed,
From mountain peaks to valley below
It's striking colors lit the sky aglow.

Through the chilly air I tramped along
Then out of the blue heard a birdsong
It was from a bird I'd heard in spring,
Bright of wing and could sweetly sing.

Mountain Trails in Spring

High spirited I boldly leapt a log and fell,
Motionless I listened to the bird a spell
I was serenaded until I retrieved my focus
And detected my nose poked in a crocus.

Undaunted I arose full of vim and vigor
And as the blue in the sky grew bigger
I paced toward that rickety old mailbox
Down a trail graced by mountain phlox.

Mountain Phlox in Spring

Puffing around a tight switchback I saw
A burst of color that stirred me with awe,
A clustering of daffodils brilliant in yellow
Put a grin on the mug of an awed fellow.

Young sprigs of green was seen as I ambled
Between gobs of thorny blackberry bramble
And as I came to trails-end I was surprised
To see that ravishing rainbow supersized.

It arched over an old mailbox falling down
And brilliantly painted the thawing ground,
Flecks of color were strewn like shiny glass,
Spring has signed after winter's slow pass.
Sounds of Spring Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-22-10

Song title: "Corn Rigs Are Bonnie"

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