Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Springtime splendor will not flourish in the vale
The woodsy hollow is hazed over with a veil,
Mystically this veiled valley is always in-between
Winter's dark theme and a cheery spring scene.

Summer sun has never been known to shine here
So brief the season it has declined to appear,
No sunbeam has ever thrust through the shroud,
The pale clouds over the vale has never allowed.

Autumn's beauty has never blest the valley trees
No one has witnessed the coloring of the leaves,
Fall has never fallen where weather never changes
In this misty vale between the mountain ranges.

Fog as wispy clouds of cottony covering flow low
Drifting around over tree crowns they move slow,
Completely wetting the valley as they lazily float,
Everything beneath wears an abiding dew coat.

Spring has sprung on the mountainside with pride
And over the hilltops it's beauty is scattered wide
Butterflies are seen and a happy yodel can be heard
And delightful is the warble of a shiny songbird.

Oh spring! Such delight unfolds on yonder mountain
Spraying forth splendor as some magical fountain
You have dusted with wildflowers pleasing the eyes
And beautiful sunrises and sunsets blaze the skies.

But far below the skies brushed light blue and gold
Is an eerie mystery story unsolved but oft told
Of that baffling vale nestled between mountaintops
Where spring starts and winter never really stops.

The legend through the years says the tears of a maid
Keep the cloudy vale under the cover of a pale shade,
The dewdrops are teardrops for a love who ran away
Leaving her jilted at the alter on an early spring day.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-01-10

Song title: "Ban Sai Tong"

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