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Easing by Kenneth J Ellison

The start of summer season
Gives us abundant reason
To slow our hectic pace
And put on a happier face.

Living becomes a little easier
Our mood turns breezier,
Each dawns splendid sunrise
Sparks new hope in our eyes.

Brighter days we eagerly start
With a cheerful song in heart,
There is an easy bounce to our step,
We are refreshingly filled with pep.

New life abounds all over the place
The country is in a state of grace,
The glory of our world is reborn
With every beautiful morn.

Meadows of clover are fairly alive,
Bees are making honey in the hive,
In fields new babies skylark free
Chasing butterflies with glee.

Caterpillars crawl and wheat grows tall,
Crow flocks caw and milk cows bawl,
Cherries are juicy and birds sing cheerily
As we go our way each day merrily.

Love fills the perfumed summer air
Romance blossoms everywhere
As turtledoves coo lovers do too,
Emotions are high under skies of blue.

Lovers stroll under the full moon
Soon there will be honeymoons,
Weddings are softly spoken of
Summertime is a time of love.

Living is easy when the cotton is high
life becomes better we can't deny,
Our reasons seem clear when it's here,
That summertime good-time of cheer.

Easing into Summer
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-04-08

Song title: "Lord Franklin "

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