Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Flowering Divide

The warmth of the sun's glow
Awakens the flowers to grow,
You see them scatter the hills,
First came yellow daffodils.

Flower patches quilt the fields,
Swatches of vivid spring yields
Sewn together by ribbons green,
Wildflowers beauty is seen.

Speckling hill and dale they rise
To kiss sunbeams from skies,
Beneath the bonnie sky of blues
They blossom in bright hues.

From alpine meadow to sea shore,
Across the plains to valley floor
They lend their glory far and wide,
Within the splendor we abide.

Teeming flowers to many to tally
Sprinkle rugged crag and valley
With colors we cannot describe
They decorate the countryside.

Fragrances as heady perfume
With delicious joy we consume,
Breathing in the air of spring
To sample sweetness they bring.

Dew kissed and sunlight warmed
Beautiful flowers have swarmed,
Coloring every highland and dell,
Enchanting with a magical spell.

Wildflowers are spring bouquets
Graceful splendor in many ways,
Inspired by nature seeds were sown,
By the hand of God in beauty grown.

Flowers from Flowering
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-25-08

Song title: "Spring Song"

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