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Morming Glory by Kenneth J Ellison

Morning Glory

On a night as the land lay sleeping
A splendid sunrise came creeping,
The sun will soon crest on the peak
To flash rays over a gurgling creek.

The break of dawn slowly spreads
Nudging awake the sleepyheads,
Nesting songbirds rise to take wing
As flickering silhouettes that sing.

Their cheery songs invite the dawning
As everyone rises sleepily yawning,
A brilliant sunburst is filling the skies
As they groggily rub sleepy eyes.

Sunrise glows in the morning sky
A peaceful night has passed by,
The yellow moon has faded to white
Yet lingers in dawns early light.

Shadows of gray are waning away
Shrinking before the sunrays play
As nooks and crannies are lit bright
The land awakes from a starry night.

Early Morning Light

Across hill and dale sunshine floods,
Flowers perk with bursting buds,
Their bountiful beauty is everywhere,
Their perfume sweetens warming air.

Blush red roses climbing the bower
Shed the dew as a teardrop shower,
Their sun kissed petals warm in sun
And they cease weeping one by one.

Crow flocks are feeding on the corn
A doting mare nurses her newborn,
Sheep is in the field, cows at the barn,
The sun rises as a bright ball of yarn.

Rip-roaring children race out to play
As only kids can do on a glorious day,
They revel in the new of a land reborn,
Delighted in the bright of a summer morn.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-17-08

Song title: "Ladies Dressed In Garments So Green"

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