Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


When the splendor of spring has faded away
And summer scenery is on full display
The season in the latter part of it's bloom
Causes my inside temperature to zoom.

When the sizzling sun becomes a fun spoiler
And my innards are a simmering boiler
I hot-foot it to the nearby market and buy
A supply of sweet ice cream to get me by.

As the fiery heat bleaches my hair to blond
And I'm dangling my feet in the koi-pond
I find cooling soothing comfort in a bowl,
It's cold ice cream that delights this soul.

It's dreamy creamy comfort in fruity flavors
That this overheated old jughead savors
But any kind is yummy when it's icky hot
And I'd rather have than to have not.

Bless me with a bowl or serve it by the cone
And I'll lick my sticky fingers when it's gone,
Scatter pretty sprinkles that crunch as I bite,
Those of many colors and a cherry to delight.

Chocolate or berry or vanilla it's all a royal treat
So tasty on my tongue and a way to beat the heat,
If that searing sun has my tail feathers drooping
Well then buckets of ice cream I'll be scooping.

Luscious home-made takes to long to concoct
Before it's in my belly I've been hot shocked,
That red-hot sun just won't wait for it to mix
And reach my needy mouth for the boiler fix.

When the summer sun melts me to a puddle
Around sweet frozen ice cream I will cuddle
And I'll gobble it till I feel an autumn breeze,
In-between varying degrees of brain-freeze.

Cherries for a Cherry Popsicle

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-24-10

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