Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~*~ My Summer ~*~

Oh glorious summer divine
Your splendor was mine,
I have reveled in your sun
As if I were the only one.

After a rainy spring cleared
You appeared and cheered
And you came for the lonely,
You shined for me only.

When I knew I'd never smile
Your beauty lingered awhile
And raised me from the briar,
Soaring my spirit higher.

Your healing is unexplained
But my sad soul has gained,
In brilliance I proudly pose
To bloom as a summer rose.

Yellow moons have thrilled,
With contentment I'm filled,
Starry nights were delighting
And the lovely days exciting.

Beautiful butterflies you gave me
And bright hummingbirds to see,
Singing birds woke me each morn
To another bonny day being born.

I happily arose each bright dawn
And into your grace was drawn,
I faced daybreak renewed of heart,
All this I swear before you depart.

Goodbye to you my sunny friend
You brought joy before your end,
You came when life had no reason
And restored hope by your season.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-02-10

Song title: "Will Ye Go Lassie?"

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