Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Curtains creeping across the plains,
Pull behind them summer rains,
The theater curtains will open soon
And stage another pour in June.

Unwelcome encores often repeated
Play out in front of the two seated,
A grizzled man and bluetick hound
Wait for more rain to pelt down.

Atop the one hill on the plains vast
They watch out and wait downcast,
From a small plank porch they peer,
Startled by a loud thunderclap near.

It doesn't rain here this time of year
Commonly the fiery sun would sear
Summer flared then quickly departed
Now it seems winter has restarted.

Winter's look-alike gray misty haze
Has wet the prairie for listless days
With soakers in thunders low rumble
While the sodbuster can only grumble.

Unseeded wheat fields lie fallow now
To boggy for yoked oxen to plow
And the creek overflowed a month ago
Flooding where sweet melons grow.

When hummingbirds should be humming
Another furious rainstorm is coming
The curtain creeps steadily as the day before
Soon it will open with another encore.

A gullywasher will force the two inside
And by a warm fireside they'll abide,
The oldtimer scratches his pup hound
And waits for the rain to pour down.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-15-10

Song title: "Awaiting"

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