Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I've aged to sleepy-head
And want to go to bed
But dread any cold sheet
To touch my warm feet.

That bed is like iced stone
And chills to the bone,
It's hours before it heats
And defrost those sheets.

One electric would be nice
To quell the bedroom ice
But a blanket cost dough
And my moola I owe.

My noodle bobs as I sit,
The fire is no longer lit,
That last ember is dead
And I face that icy bed.

It's like an icebox inside
After the fire has died,
Instantly this house is cold
And for cents it'd be sold.

My thoughts begin to channel
Toward the idea of flannel,
I wish I'd bought flannel pj's
Before snowy winter days.

I trudge across a creaky floor
Through the bedroom door
And it arrives as no surprise
I see my breath before my eyes.

Those sheets will be froze stiff
And as I feel an icy draft whiff
Goosebumps race up my back
As I prepare to hit-the-sack.

Though I bribe with a yummy crumb
My warm pooch will not come,
Knowing it's icy between my sheets
He slyly avoids any sweet treats.

My thought is of a plump bride
As I quickly leapfrog inside
And as the sheets begin freezing me
I dream how warm she would be.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-02-11

Song title: "Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me"

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