Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

My thoughts yet tarry in summer
As cold winds began to murmur,
While I dream of floral meadows
In crept winters' dismal shadows.

Autumns' grandeur was so swift
Then arrived tempest clouds rift,
Before I felt a crisp autumn breeze
There were no leaves on any trees.

A long hot summer with a brief fall
Gave me no chance to adjust at all,
I am not braced for winters' drear
But nevertheless it's gloom is here.

The temperatures began to drop
Followed by torrents none-stop
And when the rain finally ended,
Skies opened and sleet descended.

My mind is imagining butterflies
When to this wishful thinkers eyes
I see giant snowflakes fluttering by,
As if gossamer wings struggling to fly.

From the window I peer into the dark
And my mind hears the song of a lark
As snow paints the outside world white
I watch pretty meadowlarks in flight.

The wind, for certain more than breezing
Moans through the bare woods freezing
And as I lean at the icy window and stare
I am well aware it's below zero out there.

Flipping pages of a calendar on the wall
Trying to recall at all the past chilly fall
I can only recall summer as I sit scowling
And I close my eyes to the winds howling.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-22-10

Song title: "Tak Ingin Sendir" (Indonesian)

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