Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

A Little Joy by Kenneth J Ellison


My mind became unstable
At the kitchen table
And I thought of feeders
To tempt the tiny speeders.

Hummingbirds would thrill
As they drank their fill
So I devised a grand scheme
To satisfy a daydream.

Outside my window I'd hang
A feeder as spring sprang
And for months I could stare
At the cutie's sipping there.

I got the fanciest I could buy
To draw in those so shy
And as the daydream director
I filled it with syrupy nectar.

Just outside the windowpane
I hung it in a drizzling rain
And waited for the sunshine
And the shiny ones to dine.

I sat a longtime at the table
But for weeks was unable
To glimpse one bright smarty
At my little nectar party.

Then one day at the dawning
As I sipped coffee yawning
From the corner of a bleary eye
I saw a shadow zoom by.

Suddenly it was in front of me
And it was beautiful to see,
Bright wings sparkled in the sun
And living a dream begun.

Nowadays from the kitchen table
Thru the window I am able
To watch those cute beauties feed,
They have fulfilled a need indeed.

©By: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-01-11

Song title: "Heart Sounds"

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