Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Weary winter at last ends
It's stormy blends,
Joyfully we wave goodbye
With a collective sigh.

Together we shivered in mass
Wishing it to pass
Pining for the warmth of spring
And the beauty it will bring.

We stood at windowpanes
Watching long hard rains
And endured ice and snow
Praying winter would go.

Now by God we are graced
And winter is replaced,
A fragrance drifts in fresh air
As joy rushes everywhere.

Our spirits aroused we sing
With the birds of spring,
How sweet their cheery song
As we whistle along.

Our freed hearts are lighter,
life is much brighter
The splendor of a new spring
Is such a wondrous thing.

With a fresh point-of-view
We relish living anew
Basking in the seasonal glory
Of spring's unfolding story.

Spring scenes fill amazed eyes
Under brightening blue skies
And life engulfs a new reason
As we welcome spring season.

Spring Scenes Dividing Line

©By: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-05-11

Song title: "Meet Me In Kentucky"

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