Summer Storm by Kenneth J Ellison

Summer Storm divide

Skies yonder are foreboding,
An omen a storm is loading,
This summer's eve has grew
Into a wicked weather brew.

I watch at the distance afar
As it creeps beneath no star
But under a blackened sky,
It's fierce face draws nigh.

Horizon to horizon it paints
Warring devils and saints,
Shapes from an origin unknown
Across a tempest sky are blown.

Howling like a wolfish banshee,
Quickly it's turmoil engulfs me
What an eerie oddity I thought,
What unholy has nature wrought?

Only an hour and some ago now
A sunny day changed somehow
And now in the warm gloaming
A hellish storm is roaming.

I can flee nowhere and be secure,
It's raging anger I must endure
I stare at the monster in disbelief,
Inside it's vastness I am but a leaf.

Thunder booms with mighty power
Shaking the earth where I cower,
Lightning-bolts as warrior lances fly
Zig-zagging across the boiling sky.

The fierce wind pulls at my clothes
And prairie dust clogs up my nose,
The earsplitting noise is frightening
But I fear most the killer lightning.

With my face in dirt I began to pray
For surely I was going to die today,
But for The Lord I lay prone alone,
The monster had already gone.

Summer Storm Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-05-11

Song title: "Celeste"

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