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Fields of Gold by Kenneth J Ellison

Larks rise from fields of gold
Chirping loudly they scold,
Serenity is broken near a nest
And they cry out in protest.

Summer sun glistens on wheat
And grasshoppers ride my feet
As the hot day begins to unfold
I walk the fields of gold.

The larks harsh scold is fading
Over fields with no shading
And someplace a cowbell is ringing
As finch's overhead go winging.

The air is fragrant on early morn
As another grand day is born,
The beauty of summer is in array
Where fields of gold lightly sway.

Lighthearted I happily walk along
As the rustle of stalks like a song
Play a rhythm against my thighs
Beneath the blue summer skies.

Until the horizon meets the far skies
Lies grandness before my eyes,
Endless fields of gold are stunning
As they reach perfection sunning.

I pause smack-dab in the middle
To solve this summer's riddle,
I crushed some kernels in my hand,
The gold from this wonderland.

I tasted then held them to my nose
It's the way this old farmer knows
It's prime time to harvest the bounty
For the best yields in the county.


©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-05-11

Song title: "The Old Piney Wood"

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